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Anchor Underwear was created to provide the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs available. We analyzed the fabric, fit and functionality of other underwear on the market and decided to improve everything we could about what is currently on the market.

We tackled the fabric issue by sampling dozens of the most popular fabrics until we found an ultra soft fabric which feels as though you have nothing on.. We also had to make sure that the fabric resists pilling and holds it shape and elasticity after many washes. Since these are underwear they must stand up to and move comfortably in any direction without constraining any of the critical body parts residing in that region.

We wanted a brief that would hug the body making sure that nothing rattles around while walking around the house or out for a jog. In fact, one of their main goals is to provide support for post surgical procedures such as vasectomies. and other groin injuries that may require extra support. To provide this support we hold your boys close without strangling them due to the four way stretch of the fabric.

To tackle the functionality issue we looked at other underwear on the market to see what shortcomings they had and what features we could add to improve on they typical pair of underwear. What we came up with is a unique fly design which allows for access from either side as well as above. This solution comes in handy in different situations providing easy access when you need it for whatever the calling may be. Whether you’ve been in a meeting for hours and you’ve really gotta go or when the time presents itself in an intimate situation – access is the last thing you need to worry about when wearing Anchor Underwear.

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