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About Us
About Us

Anchor Underwear was started in 2018 by my girlfriend and me. I was looking for another way to make a living and a friend turned me on to fulfillment by Amazon which I thought might be a great way to make a little passive income. I started exploring different options and what items I might be able to sell. After searching for a while, I decided underwear would be a good option and considering I didn’t really like any of the options out there, so, I thought I would take it on. I figured I would start by finding a cheap pair that I thought felt decent and see if I could rebrand them. I didn’t like that fact that most of the underwear available on the market today have some guy’s name on them. So, we started spit balling possible names a finally decided on Anchor Underwear. Next we tried to find some fairly decent and comfortable underwear at an economical price. Needless to say, I was unable to find what I was looking for. I came to the conclusion that if I was able to find underwear to resell on Amazon I would probably only be able to sell a few hundred or possibly thousands of pairs before someone else sells them cheaper or the demand for the cheap underwear dries up. Or, I could set out to make the best underwear available!


I soon knew which path I wanted to take and set off to create the best boxer brief on the market. I knew I wanted to create the most comfortable underwear available. I sampled many fabrics and finally decided upon a 95% modal Beachwood 5% spandex blend.



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