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Servers on fire
05 Sep: Server Issues

We have been battling server issues for the past week and experiencing intermittent down times. We have moved the site…

Boxes of Anchor Underwear boxer briefs
15 Apr: Initial Order Arrived

Our order has arrived! We have received our initial order of 1,000 pairs of Anchor Underwear boxer briefs. Our next step is to find models and take pictures so that we can accurately portray what the different sizes look like on real life models rather than on a mannequin.

FedEx Delivery Van
29 Mar: Order Shipped

We are excited to announce that our order has been completed and is being shipped to us. We should have them ready to sell within the next couple of weeks.

checklist graphic
14 Jan: Initial Order Placed

We are pleased to announce that our initial order has been placed! We purchased 1,000 pairs to test the market and get customer feedback on the existing design before placing a larger order. We think our customers will be very happy with the design and level of comfort.

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