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Protects Against Drips

Close up of three-way fly on Anchor Underwear

Our three-way fly has an added benefit in that extra fabric used to create the fly also helps in absorbing wetness and protecting against dripping after taking a piss. Any leakage or extra drops are absorbed into the multiple layers of fabric in the groin area. While a typical pair of underwear has one layer of fabric between your goods and your paints, our unique design is made of two pieces of fabric which comprise both the inner and outer panels of the fly. These extra layers should absorb any accidental droplets of pee that might saturate the underwear. On top of that, the lightweight moisture wicking fabric is quick to dry.

Three-way Fly

Our patented design showcases our unique three-way fly. This allows for quick and easy access when you’re dying to pee after being stuck in meetings all morning and really have to go to the bathroom. The three-way fly also comes in handy when you’re trying to get a little freaky in the bedroom – or any place for that matter. Whatever the case, you’ll be able to quickly find one of our easy to use fly holes. Some like the top horizontal fly while lefties may prefer the left fly hole.

Crazy Comfortable
Four-way Stretch Fabric

Comfort is our top priority. After testing many different materials, we chose to use a super soft modal and spandex blend which stretches in all four directions. This provides a tight fit that moves with your body. Our seamless back panel and tear-away tags make sure nothing scratches your backside. While the 95% modal, 5% spandex fabric blend is soft, lightweight and stretchy, it is also moisture wicking to remove sweat and moisture. This helps to prevent chafing, bacteria, odor, itching and discomfort and more importantly keeps you dry

Super Sexy

We want you to look stylish even if you’re only walking around the bedroom in your underwear while getting dressed! We think your comfort and look in our stylish boxer brief will boost your confidence, no matter what you’re wearing over your Anchor Underwear. Our patented design does the trick with it’s contour lines and three-way fly. One thing that drives me crazy about many of the underwear on the market is the name on the elastic waistband. The last thing I want on my underwear is some other guys’ name. Therefore, when choosing a brand name I was sure not to use my name, instead I wanted a strong and supportive sounding name. Anchor Underwear sounded like a great fit.

Don’t Miss Out

This is a limited first production run. Please be sure to get your order in soon and sign up with your email to receive updates on all upcoming future releases and product updates.

Our initial order has been placed. We have ordered 1,000 pairs of our luxurious man’s boxer briefs.  They feature our patented three-way fly and the softest fabric we could find in order to provide a breathable yet tight and comfortable fit. Currently, they are only available in black in sizes small, medium, large and extra large; however, if our limited test run goes well we will we plan to expand our product line to offer more sizes, colors and even different prints. So help us make this a reality and take advantage of the early sale prices.

…the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn.

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